“While Honey lies in Every Flower, no doubt. It takes a bee to get the Honey out.”

Poet’s Proverb

These can range from a single consultancy visit to complete project management.The first step is a site visit. It is a good idea if you prepare by making notes of how you want to use your garden and what style, materials and plants you like. I like to hear your own ideas to which I can bring my experience and expertise.

I will show you my portfolio which, besides demonstrating the diversity of my designs, illustrates the stages of the design process which are itemised below. It will also give you more design ideas and provide me with a fuller picture of what you like and dislike.

Based on our discussions I will write a draft brief for your approval which will be included in my quotation for the design service. Each planning stage has a fixed fee, worked out according to the complexity of the project.

A successful collaboration between designer, client and contractors will result in fulfilment of the garden design which is beautiful, practical and good value.

1. Survey & Site Analysis

The purpose is to acquire an accurate survey of the topography of the property and its landscape, together with an understanding of the character of different areas, light and shade, ground conditions and microclimates within the site. Details such as views from the windows, materials and plants which can be reused, and the location of services are recorded. The wider environment is also assessed including local architectural styles, habitats and native plants.

This provides us with a complete understanding of the project for the design stages.

2. Outline Plan

This plan is in colour with various illustrations and sketches. It forms our design proposal based on the brief. Most importantly it shows the layout, relationship between hard landscape and planted areas, and routes around the garden. It is accurate and includes indications of materials and planting styles.

During our discussions about this plan we can help you make decisions on construction details such as paving and other materials which will be included in the next phase, the Hard Landscape Plan.

3. Hard Landscaping Plan

This plan includes precise dimensions, levels and construction details to enable the garden to be created as designed. Bespoke items such as pergolas, seats or other features are detailed and the technical specification is drawn up to include standards of workmanship, sourcing of materials, and legal issues.

These documents form the package which enables landscape contractors to submit detailed costings for the work.

Planting Plan

Meticulous planting plans are drawn up for each area of your garden, together with a plant schedule which can be used as a basis for pricing and ordering.

Care is taken to select plants to create the style you require and which are appropriate for the conditions in the various areas of your garden. Planting schemes can include both ornamental and productive plants for traditional borders, vegetable gardens, orchards, meadows, water gardens or hedges.

Tendering & Monitoring

We work with experienced and reliable landscape contractors to implement the design. They are committed to the highest standards of workmanship and professional conduct.

Our project management includes handling the competitive tender process, analysing and negotiating with the contractors, and monitoring their work from start to completion.

This ensures that the garden design is realised on the ground according to the plans you have approved, within your budget and timetable.

Design Maintenance Service

Our subsidiary company, Design Maintenance Service Ltd, can help you maintain your garden once it is completed for your maximum enjoyment. We vet and support our gardeners and offer various levels of service, depending on your requirements. This may vary from several full days every week for very busy clients with large and complex gardens to a seasonal “blitz” for those clients who prefer to carry out some gardening themselves.

We ensure that the garden develops and matures under expert care so that you can simply enjoy the results.