Country Gardens

A country garden

A fine pergola of brick and timber creates a sense of enclosure and shelter. There is a wonderful view over the river and water meadows from the dining area. Soft billowing planting in harmonious cool tones unites the garden with the open landscape beyond.

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A family garden with a natural swimming pond

For this large barn conversion in the Chilterns I designed a natural swimming pond which is central to the family‚Äôs outdoor living. The curves of both the pond and the terrace suggest expanding ripples which draw one naturally outside. Throughout the year one can enjoy the reflections in the water, the wildflower meadows and the…

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A Steep Garden

A dramatic transformation from a dangerous bank strewn with rubble and flints to an easily accessible and beautiful garden. This was the site of a brick pit, which meant that the soil was clay and easily transformed into healthy soil, now enjoyed by a rich variety of plants. The gradient is 40 degrees and there…

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